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Visit of HRH The Princess Royal

Boleh (whose name means ‘Can-do’ in Malay) was launched in Singapore on 23 October 1949 with the words “I name you Boleh – and may you live up to it”.  Read more about her launch here.

Almost exactly 73 years later, on 1st November 2022, HRH The Princess Royal visited the restored Junk-Yacht Boleh in Haslar Marina to re-commission her for charitable Service. During her time onboard the Princess Royal’s Standard flew from Boleh’s masthead.


During her visit HRH heard Boleh’s remarkable story from those involved in her restoration and from those who have since taken part in her charitable programmes.  HRH viewed a Boleh History display and met 7 Groups of adults and children who had contributed to, or benefitted from, Boleh,

Included in the Groups were children from Mayfield, Wimborne and Dorset Schools, carers, Service men and women, vulnerable adults, cadets, volunteers, Trustees, Funders, shipwrights, engineers, manufacturers, and Boleh supporters.  HRH also met Marina and ‘Creek Restaurant’ staff where the event was located.


After a guided tour of Boleh and discussion with sea staff, HRH re- commissioned Boleh, dedicating the vessel to a new life of charitable Service.  The traditional ceremony involved a libation of Westcountry cider poured over the bows and an invocation to Boleh to: “ . . . do her ‘Can-do’ a bit more.”

On completion of the ceremony, the restored ship’s bell was sounded for the first time and HRH unveiled a commemorative plaque.  The 3 founder-members of the Boleh Trust then escorted HRH to the Marina entrance. Here farewells were said and the Chairman presented a copy of Robin Kilroy’s  book ‘Boleh’, drawing attention to the mention of HRH on Page 197


On completion of the Visit, some 80 participants and Boleh supporters gathered in the Creek Restaurant to celebrate Boleh and this latest event in her life.  Invitations for the event echoed the wording used for Boleh’s launch party in 1949.

Throughout this inspirational visit by HRH The Princess Royal which the Boleh Trust was privileged to receive, the atmosphere was celebratory, relaxed, and full of engagement and humour.

Moments from the Day

Recommissioning Video

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