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This website tells the story of the historic junk yacht Boleh; her original design and build in Singapore by Robin Kilroy in 1948; the voyage to England in 1950; Roger Angel’s rescue of Boleh as a fire damaged hulk in Rye 30 years later and his painstaking restoration; and finally, in 2008, Boleh’s arrival in Portsmouth for her current restoration, now almost completed through the generosity of the Heritage Lottery Fund and many corporate and individual sponsors.

Please take a look around the website to see what has been achieved with our apprentice training and community engagement programmes in Portsmouth, and learn about Boleh’s inspirational future with the innovative mental health charity, Sea Sanctuary, in Falmouth. We hope you will share our pride in the restoration and support the next stage of Boleh’s journey, bringing her ‘can do’ approach to those who seek to improve their sense of mental wellbeing. - George Middleton, Chairman, The Boleh Trust.


“Helping young people now and in the future”

Boleh, a historic junk-yacht of unique design, has been restored in Portsmouth and turned into the perfect vessel for providing inspirational training to young people facing challenge in their lives.

Boleh was built in Singapore in 1949 and sailed to the UK. Boleh means “can do” in Malay and it is this “can do” philosophy, which has driven the project to restore Boleh and put her to work training and inspiring young people.

Throughout the restoration the Boleh Trust has supported young people by enabling apprentices to gain practical experience in conservation and shipwright skills.

Into her future, the Trust is supporting young people to discover the best in themselves through skills and sail training.


News and Events

Another 'Can Do' challenge for Boleh


We are very sorry to have to report that our Partner organisation, Sea Sanctuary, has decided that Boleh will not be suitable for the charity's sail training operation. This is a judgement our...

Boleh welcomes former skippers


With the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in the background, 2 veteran Boleh Skippers pose alongside her in Falmouth. Next to Boleh is John Maddock, Skipper in the early 1960's, with another past...