Who’d have thought someone would pop up, after 75 years, to recall memories of Boleh’s Singapore launch in October 1949.  We’re thrilled to report that Ann Stefani, 9 at the time, contacted us and did just that!  Her father R S Lemon, an Admiralty civilian who had served in Minesweepers during the war, was a key member of the team facilitating Boleh’s launch at Loyang with the help of Naval Boom Defence vessels.

Ann, whose family lived at Loyang as did Robin Kilroy, remembers the activity around Boleh’s build and the excitement of her launch.  It was an honour therefore to host her, daughter Jane and son Patrick (pictured}, onboard Boleh.  The party were given a guided tour by Boleh Trust Chair, Henry Middleton and former Vice Chair, Chris Austin who were fascinated by Ann’s stories of the Loyang ‘village’ and Boleh’s early days.  Ann and family are keen to sail in Boleh and we hope to make that happen!