With fingers crossed (standard routine for boats), it’s good to report that Boleh’s winter work package is going to plan.  Thanks to Mark and Steve from ‘Now Marine’ at Victoria Quay, Paul from ‘XW Rigging’, and some nifty work by the crane driver and Boleh’s volunteer support team, a major milestone has been achieved.  Boleh’s re-rigged and beautifully refurbished quadruped mast has been re-stepped – a delicate job as the picture shows.

Boleh is now back at her berth in Haslar Marina being fitted out by our volunteers for the coming Season.  Not that Mark and his volunteers haven’t been busy earlier – a picture of the core team moving the mast at Victoria Quay on ‘dollies’ made by David headed our 8 January News item.  David also repaired and rethreaded the critical cable run to the masthead, and Graham has the running boom– broken last season – under repair at home.   Thank you team from all of us.