Page 201 of Robin Kilroy’s book ‘Boleh’ records a 9 knot run on the final leg of her 15,000 mile passage from Singapore in 1950.  Naval crew member, Peter Aplin, wrote: “ . . . .on watch this evening, I reckon Boleh went faster than she has ever been before.  We had up full main and both Genoas, and, with a very fresh wind on the starboard quarter, I am sure she was doing 9 knots – and no apparent effort.”

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Now the Navy has done it again.  Navy and Marine crew from the third Group of our RN/RM Wounded Injured and Sick (WIS) recovery programme recently put Boleh through her paces in the Solent.  With new volunteer Skipper, Nigel Craine, and a good wind, Boleh recorded 9.8 knots – with a little bit of help from a friendly tide!


This was the culmination of another successful week with a WIS crew from varied backgrounds rapidly mastering the intricacies of sailing Boleh.  Our thanks to the RN&RM Charity for funding this programme, and to our Volunteer Skippers, William Barker-Wyatt and Nigel Craine, to the WIS team, and to Recovery Manager, Angie Cheal for making it all happen.