Hidden away below the floor of Boleh’s cabin but revealed in this photograph is the auxiliary power pack which will drive Boleh’s 16.5 tonnes at 6 knots. These twin electric motors, manufactured by Lynch Motors in Devon, weigh only 15 kilos each yet deliver 13 kilowatts (17.4 horsepower) of power to each of Boleh’s 2 propellers.

Robin Kilroy, Boleh’s original designer, produced an innovative auxiliary power system for Boleh in 1950. This relied on a single 8.5 horsepower Stuart Turner petrol engine working through a unique ‘drive’ to a propeller lowered in to the water when required.

Boleh’s new 35 horsepower diesel electric system rivals this in design innovation and is modeled on that fitted in the Royal Barge ‘Gloriana’ for which our Naval Architect, Graham Westbrook was also responsible.