We’re thrilled to say that May’s edition of the popular magazine Practical Boat Owner (www.pbo.co.uk/publication/pbo/may-2020) has the perfect antidote to the anxieties facing us all.  Pick up a copy when shopping for essentials, then turn to page 46 where you will find Boleh the subject of a richly illustrated article.

Huw Williams, freelance writer and circumnavigator, gives full coverage to Boleh’s inspiring ‘can-do’ story before giving a detailed description of his personal experience of Boleh.  He sums up his day out  “. . .  having just been sailing on Boleh, I can’t stop smiling.  I’m just like the young children who step aboard her for sail training and say ‘Its just like a pirate ship!’ ”.  Thank you Huw and PBO, we can’t stop smiling either.