As we warned only a week ago, the Boleh Trust must operate within the Government Guidelines to control this catastrophic outbreak of Coronavirus.  The worsening situation now means Boleh’s exciting 2020 Sailing Programme is clearly no longer feasible.  With great regret the Boleh Trust is therefore shutting down all operations until further notice.

Boleh Trustees, the Boleh team and our operational support staff at Halcyon Yachts Ltd will be working from home, ensuring Boleh is ready for the hoped for re-start of the sailing season.   At this point, we would like to say how very grateful we are to all our generous donors, our wonderful volunteer crews and the Boleh team.  They have enabled us to present Boleh for this Season in tip top condition.

While we and our friends and supporters are facing the challenges ahead and dreaming of calm seas and a fair wind (see picture), the Trust website and social media will, we hope, continue to post stories with the ‘can-do’ spirit.  We will also continue to welcome volunteers and to seek further much appreciated support for our charitable work.  Thank you all and Good Luck