‘Sappers’ back onboard Boleh

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Boleh’s past links with the ‘Sappers’ – as the Corps of Royal Engineers is known – are being renewed!  In the early 1960s Boleh was the training vessel for their Junior Leaders Regiment at Dover, introducing countless young Sappers to life at sea.  Later, members of Roger Angel’s family (Roger rescued and restored Boleh in 1978) served with the Royal Engineers.

Now we are delighted to report Sappers once again sailing Boleh and that a great nephew of Robin Kilroy – Boleh’s designer and builder – has just joined the Corps.  Picture taken from the mast by Sapper Ian Kelly shows colleagues Paul Jones (helming) and Colin Henry, with Boleh volunteers Simon Springett, Skipper and Tosca Barnes, Mate to the left.

‘Pieces of Eight’ for Boleh

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Yes, that’s the treasure Boleh has been lucky enough to find.  Fareham based charity, The Eight Foundation, has very kindly donated a substantial sum to help local children share the Boleh experience.  We are very grateful for this welcome support from a charity who make their priority the local community.  Picture shows a cheerful group of young Boleh sailors about to put to sea from Gosport to explore life afloat.

Fabulous Event for Boleh Prize-winners

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As the summer draws to a close Boleh has been delivering Corporate charters.  The highlight of this programme is the MBDA Charity Auction Prize Sail, won this year by the senior management team at QinetiQ – Maritime, Land & Weapons.  Funds raised at the auction are distributed among various charities, including the Boleh Trust for which we are very grateful.

Managing Director Steve Fitzgerald, pictured here with team, described their day out in Boleh as a fabulous event which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

The proceeds of Boleh’s charter programme are used to help fund Boleh’s charitable sailing activities.

Boleh gets under your skin!

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That’s certainly the way it is for some of Boleh’s loyal supporters and we are proud to say this commitment runs more than skin deep.  Roger Angel rescued Boleh in 1978, restored her and owned her for more than 25 years before she passed after his death to the Boleh Trust.  Picture shows how one family member keeps the ‘can-do’ spirit alive.

Generous Boleh donor lets students get a look in

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We are very grateful to the Payne-Gallwey Charity Trust whose generosity has once again given young people the chance to look in to Boleh’s world and get afloat. Picture shows Dorset school students peering through a Japanese fighter windscreen at the cabin below. Boleh’s designer Robin Kilroy, a naval fighter pilot in the Far East during WW2, used 2 windscreens from downed Japanese planes as deck lights when building his vessel in 1949.

Boleh has support you can rely on

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We often mention Boleh’s wonderful volunteers but we are also fortunate in having loyal professional support as well. Boleh’s main boom suffered some damage last month, putting her sailing programme at risk. Within a matter of hours Tim and Jason from Birdham Pool were on the case and, once the weather allowed, a skilled and rapid repair was completed. Picture shows Jason putting the finishing touches to his work.

Boleh still needs volunteers

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A recent article about Boleh in the Royal Naval Sailing Association Journal ended with a call for volunteers.  We are pleased to report a good response, with more volunteers being signed up to help the Trust.

We are always very grateful to all those who volunteer to crew Boleh, often for voyages at short notice.  Picture shows Boleh, silhouetted against the setting sun and under a wind streaked sky, ghosting into Chichester Marina at the end of one such trip, with Volunteer Skipper Barry Corke at the helm.

Generous donors help Boleh deliver ‘Special Days’ for Portsmouth children

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Children from the Pompey’s Military Kids programme have started the sailing season with a series of ‘special days’ afloat in Boleh.  In the words of School staff, this has been an ‘amazing opportunity for our pupils’ and everyone ‘had such a great time’  – as this happy picture shows!

The Boleh Trust is only able to help children in this way thanks to the generosity of our donors.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank two charities in particular, Trinity House and the Foyle Foundation, whose recent substantial donations to the Trust help ensure Boleh’s availability for these charitable activities.

Naval Charity Floats Boleh and Pompey’s Military Kids

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We are proud and delighted to have recently been awarded a very generous grant of £19,350 from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.  The Boleh Trust is extremely grateful for these funds – they will help Service children from Portsmouth schools get afloat in Boleh throughout the 2019 season.

This programme for Pompey’s Military Kids is delivered by the Trust with the support of Halcyon Yachts and in partnership with Portsmouth City Council and the Naval Families Federation.  The picture shows Boleh Trustee and Treasurer, Henry Middleton, receiving the cheque from RN&RMC Head of Grants, Anne Carr, with a helping hand from the Charity’s mascot.

Could Boleh help Portsmouth Parishes?

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Led by the Revd Bryan Hackett, Rector of the North End Team Ministry, and Canon Simon Tatton-Brown, representatives of Portsmouth Family Church and of North End Baptist Church spent a day at sea in Boleh last month; their aim, to evaluate the potential benefits of the vessel’s ‘can do’ experience for young people from inner city Parishes.

We are happy to report a successful visit and the Boleh Trust is now looking for suitable dates.  Picture shows, from left to right, Revd Tracey Ansell, Wayne Keeping, Celeste Fields and Steve Ansell enjoying the Spring sunshine from Boleh’s cockpit.