In the early 1980’s Boleh was restored in Rye Harbour by her new owner, Roger Angel, after arson destroyed much of her upper works. As part of the restoration a new nameboard was made for the vessel as shown in the picture.  We are now trying to identify the carver responsible for this work of art, created from a slab of Iroko timber provided by Roger.  We know he lived in River village near Dover and was reputed to have carved figures for Winston Churchill at nearby Chartwell.

The nameboard was exhibited alongside the Boleh model at HRH The Princess Royal’s visit to Boleh last year.  Dave Sully, who worked with Roger on the restoration and is now the proud custodian of this piece of Boleh’s history, has some information which may help our search.  His son Alan, then a tree surgeon, supplied the carver with various hardwoods; this led to Roger obtaining the nameboard for a nominal sum.

Now, given that history, can anybody help us solve the mystery of who carved this splendid nameboard?? Answers please to .