We are delighted to have been sent by a well-wisher the 1 March 1952 edition of the French nautical magazine ‘Le Yacht’. Contributors to this edition included the renowned British ocean sailor and designer Captain John Illingworth with an article on ‘Offshore Stratégie’, an early description of constructing a vessel in glass fibre (en fibre de verre moulée), and a full page on Capitane de Frègate Kilroy’s design for his yacht Boleh.

The article on Boleh, entitled ‘Du nouveau dans la conception du yacht de crosière’ (Something new in cruising yacht design), has a detailed description of Boleh’s design and unique rig, illustrated with Robin Kilroy’s drawings of the mast and sail plan. The picture shows the original page in the magazine but Boleh’s unusual wishbone booms seem to defy translation!