We are very pleased and proud to report a good response to our call for professionally qualified volunteers to crew Boleh. Very many thanks to the first 2 batches of volunteer Yachtmasters who have successfully completed the Boleh induction course. The picture shows the first group of 5 Boleh skippers in front of our 2 instructors: lead volunteer skipper and Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor, Kevin Hood; and Yachtmaster and Boleh Naval Architect, Graham Westbrook.

Our volunteer Skippers and Mates are essential to the delivery of our 2017 sailing programme aimed at providing opportunities for disadvantaged children and improving mental wellbeing for adults. We need more volunteers to build up our crewing resources and so increase Boleh’s ability to help people benefit from the experience of sailing in her. If you feel you can help, please contact the Chairman of the Boleh Trust, George Middleton at rewe_farm@hotmail.co.uk or 07545 769421.