We are delighted to report Boleh’s recent Portland deployment was a fantastic success!  With glorious weather, not a single day of the Chesil Sailing Trust’s (CST) 4 week ‘Sail for a Fiver’ programme for local schools was missed. The Boleh Team of Craig Coupe, Edwin Blenkinsopp, Ant Atkinson-Willes, Stuart Tait and local Volunteers John Tweed and Peter Steel, delivered what one student described as ‘my best day ever’ to 84 young people and 17 adult supporting staff.  A huge thank you for their efforts.

The programme also included a day sail to thank CST Trustees for their generous support.  CST Trustee Steven Moatt later emailed Craig to say: ‘Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to sail on Boleh. A fantastic boat, very interesting history and I can see the valued experience it offers young people.’  Picture shows Dorset Studio School students celebrating their day at sea.  Other schools to benefit from the programme were Wey Valley, Atlantic, All Saints and Budmouth Academies, and the Dorchester Learning Centre.  We are very grateful to the Pineapple Youth Trust and to the Rod Shipley Memorial Fund for making this happen.