Whilst in Boston, USA, Henry Middleton (Trustee) met Grahame Ledson who skippered Boleh from 1963 for 5 years when she was used by the Junior Leaders Regiment of the Royal Engineers for adventure training. Grahame had many anecdotes of his time with Boleh but he remembered how sea friendly she was; an easy motion, helm sensitive, and with easy sail management. He appreciated Boleh having two booms port and starboard that were designed for trade wind sailing; goose winged on a broad reach, or with a couple of genoas in a light wind, she was a delight to behold. He recalled that legions of young trainees learnt a lot from Boleh!

As a mark of his association with Boleh, Grahame (in the middle of the picture with his wife Kristen) presented Henry with a Royal Engineers’ cap badge. The intention is that the badge will now be mounted and, with an historical explanation, will be displayed in Boleh’s cabin.